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At Sitely Pro, we help businesses grow their organization and reach more customers through innovative web solutions. We’re aweb design and development agency that offers turnkey digital marketing services. We work with businesses of all sizes across various industries and support their SEO, web development, and e-commerce projects. Our goal is to represent our clients in a way that best speak of their brands.

We’re excited to share some recent reviews we received on Clutch as they speak to our outstanding web design and development skills.

Clutch is a B2B listing resource and reviews platform based in Washington, DC. They evaluate companies based on their quality of work, industry experience, and client reviews. Clutch has become the go-to resource in the B2B space for connecting small, mid-market, and enterprise businesses with the perfect service provider. Their analysts perform in-depth interviews with clients about the quality of their interaction with a Clutch-registered company. 

The first review came from a Vancouver-based restaurant that hired us to provide web design services. The client’s business was negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. In an effort to turn their business around, they decided to rebuild their Shopify website. We worked with them to revamp the whole platform by adding pictures and menu descriptions. We also included user features such as a feedback section on the site.

The client was delighted with our work, as it resulted in a tenfold return in investment and an improvement in their digital presence. Additionally, they were impressed with our project management skills — they praised our responsive and communicative approach. “Our partnership with Sitely Pro has been a great investment in our business,” said Toby Mo, owner of the restaurant.

Due to the success of our engagement, the client gave us a five-star overall rating!

e-commerce design review

We also received a review from Edgemoor Estates, a real estate company in Canada. They hired us to help them with their non-functioning and outdated website. First, we drafted an initial design for the site, and we asked for the client’s approval. After that, we implemented the design and revamped the entire platform. 

Our work immediately broke a two-year dry spell and resulted in a sale, meeting the client’s expectations. They appreciated the high quality of our work and the streamlined process of our engagement. “I was blown away by their knowledge of web design and user flow,” said Edgemoor Estates’ owner. “They explained each step in terms I could understand, and this made the process very effortless for me.”

With that, the client gave us perfect five-star ratings across all metrics!

Real Estate Web Designer Review

We’re honored to be included on Top Design Firms’ list of Top WebDevelopment Firms in Canada! Top Design Firms is a new research resource in the B2B space that will play an important role in the further development of the industry. Top Design Firms compiles and organizes companies offering marketing, design, and development services. They aim to help companies find the right providers for their projects.

We thank each and every one of our clients who left us a review on Clutch! We appreciate their thorough comments and honest feedback. Their positive reviews only inspire us to work harder and deliver better services. 

Do you have any web design and development needs?Contact us today, and we’ll give you a free site audit to help you understand how we can help achieve your goals!

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