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Check Which Shopify Theme An Online Store Is Using

How To Check Shopify Theme Of Any Online Store?

You might have come across an eye-catching online store and wondered what theme has been used to build the store. If you feel like having a tool that can help you find out what theme a Shopify site uses, don't worry, Sitely Pro's Theme Detector tool can help! You can easily know a theme used on any Shopify Store with just a single click. Whether you are a seller on another marketplace, eCommerce store owner, a web designer, an internet marketer, or just a curious observer, you can use our Sitely Pro tool for theme detector to do competitive research by checking out your competitors' themes or determine the best theme to use before launching your store on the Shopify eCommerce platform.

Checking Website Theme On Shopify Detector

Enter the website URL and click "Check Now." You will get "Theme Name" & "Theme Version" in the results. Other theme checkers only tell you about the theme used for the store, but at Sitely Pro, you can also get the information on the version of the Shopify theme used in the website. When a new Shopify theme version is introduced, its numerical value also changes. Therefore, it helps you know which theme and version are used in a store.

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What Is A Shopify Theme Detector?

Shopify Theme Detector is an intelligent web application that allows you to quickly find out the Shopify theme used on any given Shopify store. The official theme store of Shopify has more than 70 free and premium themes. In addition, there are 10,000+ custom-made themes designed by third-party designers.

How to Check Which Shopify Theme a Website is Using?

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