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Digital Marketing Agency Toronto

Do you need help in generating traffic, leads & sales?

Sitely Pro is a reputable digital marketing agency based in Toronto specialized in digital marketing and crafting strategies comprising organic and paid marketing focused on helping businesses grow. We have a dedicated team combined with years of digital experience in SEO, content marketing and PPC. We believe that every business is different and requires a unique tactical approach. Our premium digital marketing plan is built and optimized for performance and achieving business goals. We help all kinds of businesses, from start-ups to established enterprises, through our transparent approach, passion for marketing, and ongoing support.

Our Digital Marketing Services

We provide discreet digital marketing services in Toronto that drive growth to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

What We Do:

Web Design : Having a nicely designed website is essential for online success. Grab a website for your business that ranks, converts and looks incredible!

SEO : Being found in SERPs, your business can get traffic. Amplify your business website and dominate online through our SEO services.

Content Marketing : Content is a king, and crafting & sharing information and keywords rich content for use across a multitude of channels can make a big difference to your marketing efforts.

PPC Advertising : Drive immediate revenue with pay-per-click ads. The idea behind PPC is to drive effective campaigns to minimize CPC - cost per click/CPE - cost per engagement and maximize ROI.

Work with Us!

Every custom marketing campaign is unique. We want to get to know your brand, understand your needs.

Projected Monthly Budget?

Not Sure $750-$1500 $1500-$3000 $3000-$10,000 $10,000+

Why choose Sitely Pro as your digital marketing partner?

Sitely Pro is a full-service digital marketing agency built on three solid pillars; SEO, PPC and Email Marketing. We believe that there’s no fixed time, effort and creativity to ensure the success of your marketing campaign. It needs a data-driven, more structured marketing approach that can only be achieved through a suitable digital strategy methodology. We heavily focus on aligning your business model with our digital marketing strategy. There are many more reasons you should consider us as your digital marketing partner.


We offer marketing services with actionable insights tied to customer behaviour. Our services help us create a personalized and relevant customer experience with the latest tools.


With more than 10 years of experience in the digital marketing industry, we have helped thousands of brands achieve their business goals through an excellent marketing approach. We develop goal-oriented strategies to meet search engine guidelines to rank your business online!


More traffic, more sales & more revenue. Our digital marketing services involve customized strategies and data-driven insights to impact your business from traffic to ROI positively. You can witness the effectiveness of our solutions through the clients’ successes.


We follow omnichannel marketing personalization, which involves a data-driven marketing effort. We provide a personalized experience to your customers through a given channel based on user behaviour data collected from different channels.


We closely monitor and evaluate your marketing activity to ensure your marketing stays on track to help you meet your objectives. We do so through media coverage, research, enquiries, timescales, increase in visitors and sales and other factors.


We have strategic price points to let businesses take advantage of our services. Nothing can beat the quality of work we perform as well as the marketing packages we offer.

Recent Case Studies

We know that your time is valuable, so we make sure to use the most effective techniques for marketing. With our digital agency you can be confident in delivering profitable results with every new customer acquisition and retention rate!

You Have Questions. We Have Answers.

Have a look through some our most asked questions, if you don’t see the answer you are looking for, our live chat is always there to help.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a form of marketing that uses electronic devices such as the Internet, social media, mobile phones and display advertising to reach consumers.

What does Digital Marketer do?

Digital marketers work to create paid and organic content, such as blog posts, social media messages and online advertisements to promote brands.

How would digital marketing benefit my business?

There are three main areas where you can use digital marketing to your advantage: increasing customer acquisition, strengthening retention and gaining insight into your customers.

Is Digital a better value than Traditional Marketing?

The short answer is a resounding "Yes!" Digital marketing, when done correctly, can be significantly cheaper than traditional marketing.

Roughly how much will Digital Marketings services cost?

Our clients are typically spending $1500-$10,000 per month, however there are many factors in deciding your budget.

How do you choose a good Digital Marketing Company?

Find a company with a good client portfolio and make sure they meet the needs of your business. Their client list should be diverse, include companies of different sizes and cover a big range of services so you know they are experienced.