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Bring Vision To Your Business With Professional Kelowna Web Design Agency

Sitely Pro creates a website that can help you generate business from noticeable to noteworthy. We believe that website is the face of your business, and you can make a first good impression of your business through a nicely designed and easy-to-access website. It must have all the features that can grab the visitors' attention. Choose Sitely Pro as your Kelowna website design partner. Our team is equipped with designing expertise, core technical know-how, and a deep understanding of our clients' wishes to achieve through their business websites.

While looking for a web design company in Kelowna, you must choose a company that can open the window of great opportunities for your business by empowering your business presence on the digital platform. Sitely Pro has some of the best web designers in Kelowna who understand every aspect of website design and development. They always design user-friendly and UI & UX optimized to give the best user experiences. We can make you aware of the norms and implement the latest designing techniques to get a perfect website.

Why Should You Choose Us As Your Website Development Partner?

If you need immediate help with website design and development, please get in touch with us. Our range of web design services can help you have a fully functional design.
  • Creative Web Design
    Our creative team enjoys fulfilling the needs of businesses through innovative designs. We love to convey every business story through unique website designs that genuinely captivate audiences and force them to continue browsing every corner of your business.
  • Custom Web Design
    We can help you with custom web page design in Kelowna. Our custom website design services are ideal for different industry verticals. We can customize every design element as per our client's needs.
  • Ecommerce Web Design
    We offer different e-commerce web design solutions and successfully cater to all related requirements. We help store owners achieve their business goals by creating useful product pages.
  • CMS Web Design
    By helping our clients choose the best Content management system (CMS), we let them fulfill their exact business needs and goals. Our web developer Kelowna integrates and customizes the CMS so that you can have a feature-rich and perfect business website.
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I'm so happy we found you! I love how the team is being creative yet still following our project management guidelines. It makes us feel like there are people who have been in this position before, and will be able to help out when needed for a little push here or advice on next steps--it really has made life easy with someone understanding what needs done at every step along the way.


Ashley Smith, General Manager at Global Flexsync




We begin with a strategic working session to ensure that everything is aligned and a clear understanding of what our client actually needs.



We have a well-managed and agile team of designers & developers who empower clients' website functionality through catchy design & great UX for better results.



We test your website on browsers and different devices. We test for visuals, custom integrations, calls-to-action as well user experience, ensuring an incredible customer journey!



We provide 24 X 7 support to all our clients. We make sure all their queries are answered quickly, and issues are resolved asap!


How much of a website budget is spent on development over design?
The amount spent on development over design can vary, but it is typically at least 80% of the total budget for any website. The first thing that needs to be considered in determining how much money goes into developing content instead of pretty pictures or layouts are time constraints; many businesses will only allow their designers 10 - 15 hours per week (or less) which means there won't always enough room left over if you want quality work done!
How do you stay aligned with your customers?
Many companies struggle to find the perfect balance between staying relevant and remaining innovative. However, there is a clever solution: listening! It may seem like an obvious piece of advice but it's worth mentioning because these days customer relationship management (CRM) software can help us tap into what our prospects need before they know themselves--and then provide them exactly that in spades through personalized recommendations tailored just for them.
I’ve had problems with other web developers, how are you different?
A lot of people are asking that question. Why is it so hard to find good web developers these days, and what makes yours so different from the rest? It's simple - we believe in building relationships with our clients!
My boss wants results, how do you prove your ROI?
As an entrepreneur, your boss wants you to show that the investment was worth it. How do we know if our business idea has paid off? The easiest way is by looking at metrics like revenue or profit and seeing how much they've grown over time- this will give us some indication as far as ROI goes!



With their new website, Kelowna Women's Shelter has been able to connect with a number of women in need. They did this by making it easier for them find resources and information on the shelter itself as well as what services are available outside its walls. Plus with all those user interface enhancements? It makes navigating your way around so much quicker than before!


We're proud to help one of our favorite Canadian supplement brands get their online stores up-and running. They needed a Shopify site with easy navigation, high converting content and search engine optimization in order for them reach more customers across the country!


Shucked Oyster is a service that offers oysters to clients. They needed help creating an unforgettable website and events calendar so customers can see what they have planned for this year's season!