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Captivating Website Designs In Toronto That Tell Your Business Story

If you haven't created your business website yet, it's the right time to bring your business online and be second to none. Sitely Pro is a real pro in creating excellent website designs and development that can truly captivate your audience. Let us know your business goals to let us venture into helping you achieve them using the digital space. Our team comprises designers, expert web developers, and marketing experts who ensure that every website is unique and serves the business purpose. We follow a unique approach that combines strategic insights with a collaborative design process to deliver engaging user experiences with long-lasting performance. Always remember that your business has to survive in a highly competitive market that needs a high-value and high-performance website.

At Sitely Pro, we concentrate on delivering strategic insights and a pragmatic approach, giving your business a competitive edge. In an increasingly knowledge-led marketplace, our team of web designers in Toronto is our greatest asset. They have decades of experience and invest their expertise while designing any website. Therefore, we know the real difference between good and excellent. We are always ready to offer expert advice and a no-obligation quote for any business website. Your success is all that matters to us. Check out our web design and development services!

Why Should You Choose Us As Your Website Development Partner?

If you need someone who could spend quality time understanding your business goals, Sitely Pro should be your choice. We know that the digital space is constantly evolving, and you need someone that can engage with the emerging trends and understands how to leverage the latest tools and techniques to design a website that could generate leads and revenue. We have always been on the leading edge of innovations in website designing, which is why we keep implementing new updates on our clients' websites. Reach out to us if you have any project ideas in your mind or plan to upgrade your existing website design.
  • Corporate Web Development
    We create unique and purposeful website designs that offer value and incentive to our clients; their website acts as their sales representative by communicating their offerings clearly & efficiently. We follow every process and consideration to create the best corporate website.
  • Landing Pages Development
    We know the significance of landing pages in SEO & PPC; therefore, we create stunning and interactive landing pages to benefit your business and gain the attention of potential customers.
  • E-commerce Website Development
    We do everything to create your successful and functional online store. From designing to payment gateways and branding, we take care of everything. This may seem like a huge task, but it’s necessary for the successful operation of any eCommerce store.
  • Custom Web Development
    We also perform custom website development for clients looking for unique development solutions for their specific requirements. No custom-built templates, we create an adequately customized website specifically designed to accomplish your business goals.
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I'm so happy we found you! I love how the team is being creative yet still following our project management guidelines. It makes us feel like there are people who have been in this position before, and will be able to help out when needed for a little push here or advice on next steps--it really has made life easy with someone understanding what needs done at every step along the way.


Ashley Smith, General Manager at Global Flexsync




We begin every design & development project with a strategic working session to ensure proper alignment among teams and clarity in requirements.



We have a well-managed and agile team that designs websites to motivate visitors to take some action in sales or booking of service.



We perform proper usability testing on different browsers and devices to ensure appropriate visuals, custom integrations, calls-to-action, and user experience.



You will receive 24/7 launch support. We also fix issues up until 30 days after the website goes live!


How do I choose a web design company in Toronto?
Below are some steps to follow in choosing a web design company in Toronto. These include: Research the company. Check out the prospective agencies' own websites. Check out some of the websites they've built. Make a list of must-haves for your website. Know your timeline and budget. Make an initial call to discuss your project and set up a meeting. Sitely Pro is one of the trusted website design and marketing agencies. To know more about us and our pricing, feel free to contact us!
What does it cost to have a website designed?
On average, developing a website on your own will cost you around $1000-1500 for a normal website. An eCommerce website will cost around $1500- $3000. This cost may vary based on your website and business requirements.
How many hours does it take to build a website?
It may take 150 to 500 hours to design a website. There are various stages of the website building if you are getting it built from a web design agency in Toronto, such as the project discovery phase, design phase, development phase, and website improvements phase.
How hard is it to code a website?
It is pretty difficult to code a website as it may take approximately 9 hours or sometimes more to complete. You must have a coding background and hands-on practice before even considering developing any website. It is better if you hire a web design agency in Kelowna.



With their new website, Kelowna Women's Shelter has been able to connect with a number of women in need. They did this by making it easier for them find resources and information on the shelter itself as well as what services are available outside its walls. Plus with all those user interface enhancements? It makes navigating your way around so much quicker than before!


We're proud to help one of our favorite Canadian supplement brands get their online stores up-and running. They needed a Shopify site with easy navigation, high converting content and search engine optimization in order for them reach more customers across the country!


Shucked Oyster is a service that offers oysters to clients. They needed help creating an unforgettable website and events calendar so customers can see what they have planned for this year's season!